Label Dispensers

Stop wasting time labeling by hand

1. Bottle-Matic - 10" or 16" width Cylinder labeling machine. Label any cylindrical object fast and accurately FRONT AND BACK from .5" to 6" dia. at speeds of 1200 Pcs. Per hour! Bottle-Matic is the perfect machine for labeling your cylindrical objects! It can wrap your bottles, cans, tubes, and jars by simply pressing the foot-switch! We can even do tapered objects without customizing!
NOW! Available with the new "Auto-Matic" labeling option With this new option, you can just insert your bottle and the labeler automatically activates. Foot switch still included, but not needed!

2. Flex+Matic - 16" width fl at labeling machine. Label any fl at object fast and accurately up to 1/4" thick at speeds up to 1000 Pcs. Per hour! Flex+Matic is the perfect machine for labeling your fl at objects! It can label envelopes, plastic bags (even with zipper), CD cases, PCBs, unfi lled fl exible packaging, etc. Simply insert into the machine! Adjust guides for vertical placement, adjust digital circuit for horizontal placement. Flex+Matic requires 7/8" from the leading edge to the start of the label.

3. Dispensa-matic "U-25" NEW, LOW COST Label Dispenser! Power advance for roll labels to 2.5" width. Tension guide is standard for thin labels. With Photo-eye.

4. Dispensa-matic “U-45” Power ad vance for one-up computer forms, or printed labels in rolls 3/8” to 4-1/2” wide at 6" per second speed. High Speed version 11" per second speed for ANY length label! With Photo-eye

5. Dispensa-matic “U-60” High Speed power advance for larger labels in rolls up to 6” wide, at 9" per second. With Photo-eye

6. Simple Simon manually operated, precision made metal dispenser for all types of roll labels, sharp plate for thin labels.

7. Rewind-O-Matic Simple, yet eff ective label re-winder. Up to 6" width. Variable speed/ torque. 3" core adapter plates and fl ange included!

8. Dispensa-Matic “6-II, 10-II, and 16-II” - for roll or fan-fold labels to 5.5”, 9.5", and 15.5" widths. Does not wind up waste, and loads VERY quickly. Best for large diameter rolls, and where constant speed is needed. (6" per second advance.) With Photo-eye

9. DML-Convenient, Easy to use, Durable, and Economical are a few of the words used to describe our new line of manual dispensers, the DML series. 6.5" Max roll Dia. 3" Core adapters available.